Book of Knowledge (BOK) Step 6 Weekly Plan

Each week I will be posting a Weekly Plan that will help you with tasks in all areas of the house. I will also be combining some spot tasks in each room as random reminders of things to be done as well on my Facebook Page.

By following these plans and forming set days for things to be done as well as a little time each day instead of HOURS of cleaning when some one come to visit – it will mean that your house will become a cleaner and well managed house that is constantly “Getting things Sorted” as you go.

Weekly Plans can be found here

With these plans you can use these to mix and match and create your own list that works for you. These do not have to run in order nor do these tasks have to be done on the same days – these are just a guide line to help you.

For me I print out my Weekly Plan and put this as the next page each week in my Book of Knowledge and cross things off or highlight them as they are done.

For those of you following you will now start to see how this all comes together – on the left hand side of my Weekly Plan is my Daily Tasks in a form that can also be ticked off and easily seen each and every day. Here is a Blank Template as requested.

Book Of Knowledge

Step 1 – Put things together to make a Book Of Knowledge

Daily Routines
Step 2 – Before Bed Routine
Step 3 – Morning Routine
Step 4 – Afternoon Routine

Step 5 – Weekly Routine
Step 6 – Weekly Plan


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