Meal Planning Monday Week 12

Were do the weeks go??

I have just destroyed the latest Recipes Magazine & have collected some new recipes that I want to try out – so hopefully over the next while I will give these a go.

I do tend to cook what I know and the kids like when time is limited or we are on the run & if in doubt there is ALWAYS a packet of chicken nuggets in the freezer or Easy Mac in the Pantry…


Toad in a Hole – I use to think this was toast with the centre cut out, well apparently not  – this was sausages with egg then baked ….. BAD BAD BAD – Either I didnt do it right or it wasnt our taste..?? Wont cook again.


Steak, Continental Noodles with pepper sauce & veggies


Spag Bol from the freezer – I LOVE making large batches !!


Crumbed Steak, Coleslaw, Tomatoe & Avocado


Chicken & veggie rissoles with gravy on sandwiches (these were from the butcher YUMMY)


Fresh Barramundi, crabs & salad


Chicken chips Coleslaw & gravy – Takeaway



For more Meal Planning ideas check out the link below


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