Book Of Knowledge – Daily Routines section Completed

We have now complete all of the Daily Routine that make up the first section of this book.

Using one of the Tab Pages – label this DAILY ROUTINES
Then using the completed templates you have created place them in order

  1. Morning Routine
  2. Afternoon Routine
  3. Before Bed Routine

Dont get hung up on having these “right” or perfect.
You can reprint these pages any time and put them in. It is about working out what works and what doesnt work in your house to get this right.

Once you have the right combination – this then becomes the start of your house running its self. You will be on automatic and have these things happening a short time every day instead of like me – feeling chained to the washing piles each and every week-end.

You can make these with tick boxes at the sides and you can laminate them. Using a white board marker you can then mark them off each day until you get the hang of it..

Even now when I am not 100% or like last week when I had sick kids & a stressed husband I just followed my list and kept the house humming.

Is this working in your house ?


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