Book of Knowledge (BOK) – Step 4

Today we are talking about the Afternoon Routines or After Work Routines… this is the “stuff” that happens during that crazy time from when we walk in the door till when the house is on shut down for the night.

On the days that I dont work – there is no doubt about it – LIFE IS GOOD… on work days mmmmm, doesnt take much to lose control and get out of sync. With the odd tantrum here and the odd fight there – oh me oh my !!!

The truth is we start off hard in the mornings while we are fresh, then I end with my finishing off tasks once the kids are asleep – but this is the time when they are there and normally either tired or a bundle of energy…

My Afternoon Routine is as follows:

  • Drink Water
    As we walk in the door in the afternoons I am normally the first one to ask the kids if they want a cold drink..
    I am the WORST water drinker in the world and so this is at least one more glass a day for me included – or is that one glass for me a day ??mmm But if it is on my list then I remember to do it.
  • Clothes
    Bring in clothes from the line if hung out
    Fold & Hang the clothes from the drier
    Sometimes another load will go on but I wont start a load if I cant finish it by bed time. I am shocking at starting a load and forgetting it till the morning – this then doesnt start my day off well ….
    During this time the kids get to have free time
  • Get Dinner started
    Thankfully this is an easy task these days as we already know from our Meal Planner what we are having

On the days that I am not working Mondays & some times Tuesdays I normally do some cooking with the kids straight after school. We made a cake, cookies or muffins.. but on work days it is just the jobs.

The kids also have their own lists to complete. If you have not seen these here they are for you to see.
Kids Morning Routines
Kids Afternoon Routines

Here is a copy of my Afternoon Routine and a blank one for you to fill in.

How is your book coming together ?? I would love to here if you are putting these things in place.

Flylady – Baby Step 4
Life with Flylady – Set your Afternoon Routine


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