Meal Planning Monday Week 11 Full Details

This week my numbers on here have almost doubled. So for this reason I have decided to recap and how I put Meal Planning into place in our house.

For those of you who have never Meal Planned before here is my step by step guide for you, including all posts to read & follow & templates to use.

Step 1 – Create your Family Favorites
With this step you will create a list of favorite meals the entire family likes. This gives you some where to start with for your Meal Planning.

Step 2 – Use your Meal Planner
From the list of meals you have created put these onto the Meal Planner for the week – even if you just do this during the week you will be better than you have been.

Step 3 – Write your Shopping List or Use your Pantry
Put together a list of all the things you DONT have in your fridge, pantry or freezer for the meals you have chosen

Step 4 – Shop
I saw a friend of mine in the shopping centre only yesterday while grabbing birthday things….. she had the 2 kids and was wondering why she was doing this to herself…. so I thought I have to keep sharing my secrets… as normally shopping is done on the back deck with the laptop and a glass of wine. STRESS FREE!!

I use a combination of both Coles and Woolies as well as alternating between Click & Collect & Home deliveries where it suits best.
If they work in your area then here are the links.
Coles on Line –
Woolworths on Line –
YEs there are feews with deliveries – but yes you spend time in the shops, and yes you use fuel to drive there and home and if the kids are on board – then yes you will have impluse buying that will increase your bill. Worth a look at and trying if you are not already.

Here is my weeks Meal Planning

Spag Bol

Kan Tong Garlic & Soy Stir Fry – flavour was great my cooking of stir fry – BAD!!!
Need to practice this – dont come over if this is for dinner unless DH is cooking it !!

Roast Herb Chicken, Potatoe Bake & veg

Lamb Neck Casserole with mash & veg

Home made Pizzas – Meatlovers & Seafood

Maccas – on the way home late from seeing the Prince!!!

Fresh reef fish, salad & chips

Rocky Road

For other Meal Planning ideas have a look at what The Organised Housewife has this week.


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