Book of Knowledge (BOK) – Step 3

Today we are going to look at our Morning Routines.

With several businesses to run and staff to maintain it is off to work for this little duck several days here and there. This is a fine line to juggle and trust me THIS also was way out of control.

Eat your breakfast, get your clothes on, brush your teeth, where are your socks…!!! AARRGGHH!!!!
Work was such a quite place to retreat to with a strong coffee in hand.!!
What this also involved was us all up and out the door by 7.30am. First drop off was to Day care to before care – where the kids then 5 & 3 would be loaded into buses at the right time and dropped to school and kindy. Then collected after they finished back onto buses and back to day care for collection from one of us at 5.30 – 6pm !!!
This seemed to be working …. well we thought it was….. dishes werent done, we spent more time eating takeaway than cooked meals, clothes were piling up – then on week ends DH would think it was great to pack up and disappear for the week end to relax. It was at the melt down point from all of this that life had to change.

We own our own businesses and so with the right support people in key positions it allowed us – especially me – to ease up on the office duties and to regain control firstly over the kids and then back over life.

Our Morning Routine may sound like a lot but when this happens in this order the morning flows & the house runs itself, remember we started with very small steps and built on it.

Here we go:

  • Get Dressed
    Sounds easy enough but I was normally the last to get ready. so now with my clothes laid out the night before – this step is so very easy.
  • Load Washing Machine
    I try to make sure each morning when I leave the bedroom that I carry a load of washing out or collect a load on the way to get things started.
  • Unload the dishwasher
    Having been run the night before this is clean and ready to be unpacked, so that we can reload it after breakfast
  • Sort the Kids…..
    They are still little and need help – but this involves them getting dressed, making their beds (they just pull the covers up) and eat their breakfast
  • Make lunches
    While the kids eat their breakfast I make their lunches and normally eat mine so that I can be at the bench with them and supervise their eating and or is it referee their fighting?
  • Wipe over Bathroom
    I take this time to quickly & I mean very quickly with the Pine O Cleen wipes – run one of these over the bench & sink to freshen it up
  • Check Calendar
    Make sure I have not missed a birthday, or so that I remember a meeting or appointment for the day
  • Load dishwasher
    As soon as the kids are finished breakfast they put them into the dishwasher
  • Wipe Bench
    A quick wipe of the bench and it is finished with and done
  • Sort washing to dry
    Normally by the time I have done all this the washing machine has finished its cycle and is ready to be hung or put into the drier. This is done while the kids have some spare time to watch telly and get their shoes on
  • Make my Bed
    My DH gets out of bed and just goes – doesnt fit in much with our morning routine at all – so once he has gone I pull the cover up and our bed is made.

Our day normally begins anytime from 6.30 – 7am & we leave the house these days at 8.15 ish to do the kindy run then the school run and then work. If some of these jobs dont get done I dont stress about it – they are done the next day or in the afternoon. Not every morning works but most do as it is the same routine every day.

Here is my page for you to see as well as a blank one for you to fill out and add to your book.
Write in pencil, change things, alter things – what is the most important is that it is a routine that works for you and your family/house.

Flylady – Step 3
Living with Flylady – Morning Routines
                                        – Morning Routines making you Happy


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