Book Of Knowledge (BOK) – Step 2

Routines are very important and are what make this book come together.

Todays task is to put together your Before Bed Routine.

Here is what my Bedtime Routine USE to be:

  • Sort kids while DH cooked dinner
  • Put kids to bed – struggle struggle for hours to get them to sleep
  • Some times fall asleep in their room
  • Stagger to bed not looking at the mess in the kitchen from dinner
  • Shower & Bed some time before the kids woke or before the sun rose to start all over again

Your list doesnt have to be as detailed or as long as mine now is – remember it took time to get to this point. Start small. Dont make this perfect just jot some notes down remembering that this page can be re done at a later date, rewritten or completely change. Putting down something will get you started.

Here is my list these days – this is not ALWAYS done but when it is the house works well.

  • Layout my clothes and the kids clothes for the next day
    I never use to think this saved much time at all. We would then hit the mornings and the children would have CHOICE… arrrgh ….. where as now the night before – mostly done when the kids are asleep the clothes are put on the end of each of their beds. They know that this is what they are wearing, they may not be able to completely dress themselves but they at least already have their clothes there waiting.
  • Pack dishwasher
    Cleaning up and putting the last load of the night on is a great way to close the house down. I use to sort the dinner dishes the next day but once the mornings would come we would be in disaster mode again!!! and I would come home from work to a full dirty kitchen that I had to clean up before I even got started…. worst case now on a very late night I do this first thing in the morning, but if done the night before then I unpack this and when breakfast is done the dishes go straight in there….
  • Shine Sink – have a look at this post – a shiny sink really makes such a difference 
  • Wipe down benches
    Just a quick wipe over and the surfaces are clean and clutter free – nice to either wake up to or even walk back in the door to.
  • Review calendar/diary for tomorrows jobs, celebrations, dates etc
    We have a main calendar on the front of the fridge but I am also adding a calendar page to this book – we will come to that later on. A quick look forward to tomorrow reminds you of important times, or meetings or parties, so that you are prepared.
  • Shower
  • Brush teeth, including flossing
    I am trying to do this more often as I dont normally
  • Get to bed at a reasonable time
    mmmm I am bad at this – like now I could be awake all night typing blogs, researching things…. or surfing the net….

I have created a page for you complete and also have a sample here of my own for you to see.
Remember it is what works for you.


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