Mayhem, Chaos & Mess

These were words that I use to use to describe our way of living & our house with.

Things were never planned – infact there was a  stage that I couldnt even make a time to see  you tomorrow merely because this was too far ahead in my thinking.

We would step over things as you would walk from room to room, it was actually better to follow the path that had formed & you never walked around our house in the dark…. Doors were closed to hide things and cupboards were FULL. Clothes & washing were out of control, searching through Mt Washmore or the Floorobe was the main option.

Somewhere, somehow, slowly, babystepping my systems were formed and started to take over.

I am going to share with you the steps I took to achieve this.

Each day I will add to it and each day I will list all previous steps so that you can refer back at any stage and get your self sorted.

During the last few days I have realised that the work & time it took to make this Book of Knowledge or Control Journal or a House Management Binder, as some might also call it, was worth every moment. It helped our house run on auto pilot with our daughter being so very sick and with complete lack of sleep for all of us.

I will create this with you and give you all the steps, templates and guidelines that I can for you to create one that works in your house.

This is my version of a folder that contains the most important things and information thatour house needs. So adjust yours to work for your life & family.

Lets Get Started, click here for  STEP 1


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