Book Of Knowledge (BOK) – Step 1

If any of you are like me – you want the entire list all in one hit and you want to put it all together….NOW!!

This process of finally “Getting Sorted” for me has taken from about September last year when I first found Kat at The Organised Housewife, from here my knowledge has grown and Marla the FlyLady has then set some clear steps to make it work. So take it slowly. One thing a day – this way you will succeed.

Lets start with a very simple and easy step in putting together your own Book of Knowledge.

Today you need to find your self the following:

  • A Ring Binder
  • Some Dividers
  • Some Loose Pages
  • Your favorite pen to write with or coloured textas

This step reminded me some what of being back at school and almost prehistoric…. but trust me a folder that you can move pages around in and changes things in works very very well.

I have chosen a folder that zips up. 
I am not sure that this will be my final folder but to begin with it holds ALL of my “things” together that I want to store in here.

Do you already have something like this set up? If so I would love to hear about it..

FlyLady – Control Journal Babystep 1
Life with Flylady – 3 Ring Binder


6 thoughts on “Book Of Knowledge (BOK) – Step 1

  1. I LOVE this idea and when you first mentioned it a few weeks ago I dragged a spare ring binder into use and shoved some of the things that I want to put in it in to keep them in a central place…
    Haven’t done much else with it yet so will be following these posts with much anticipation…
    So looking forward to how this shapes up!!

    • I have given you some links there that if you are keen you can work ahead- otherwise do it slowly so you succeed. Some times to much at once is overwheling. Just one part at a time and I will give you my templates and things to make it work.
      I would love to know Jenn what you have already started collecting to put in there.
      My other additions are
      Takeaway menus section
      Emergency plan – we live in cyclone area FNQ
      Birthday/Anniversary Master list
      It is work in progress that I will grow and expand on so ideas are welcome.
      We will work together on this each day.

      • I am a fan of The Organised Housewife also so my kids already have morning and afternoon routine charts, we have a family weekly routine on the fridge (love this) and use a Kikki K weekly planner as well as a family wall calendar (can you tell I’m all over this organisation business!!)

        So, I am pretty organised anyway, but when I saw your idea of keeping it all in a central place I loved it.
        So far I have:
        Meals that we Love (for menu planning)
        Birthday List
        DD’s Class details and contact list (she’s in Yr2)
        Kids activities info and contact details (eg swim school flyer, Dance School and Guides info).

        Will add takeaway menus too!!
        Am trying to put together a cleaning / maintenance routine as well so will be adding to that in the future.
        Will be watching!!

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