Linen Cupboards

When reading The Organised Housewife’s latest post on the Linen Cupboard – I thought OH MY GOSH….
This is one area that as long as it is stuffed in behind the doors it is just FINE. The problem is these days the doors dont fully open or close due to the things piled in there. YES THEM – I have 2 HUGE linen cupboards … for those of you with no room .. sorry I have plenty but like the majority of my house, they are cluttered and full of space wasting STUFF and not organised.


Well here goes with what I did..:

Step 1. Take everything out of cupboard

Step 2. Wipe down all shelves

Step 3. Sort what is actually used – mmm Hard task, but the more I looked the more I found things like old pillow cases that didnt match. Fitted sheets with broken elastic. Excess sheets for that – JUST IN CASE….mmm

Step 4. Pick best 2 or 3 entire sets and keep together

Step 5. How much linen does a house need – ensure you have enough for each bed and a spare set – then OUT with the rest. mmmm Ruthless …. nope mine was destroyed due to lack of use. i have decided to wear things out from now on.

Our Bedding:
We use coverlets on all of our beds – these are cotton & I got them from K-mart as well as Target for the kids.
I was forever sorting out doonas back into the corners of the covers, shaking them and filling in sides… no more of that…
We dont use top sheets only bottom sheets – not sure when this happened.
All beds have mattress protectors on them and pillow protectors.

Each alternative Saturday I wash the entire set sheet, covers & protectors
Week 1 Master Bedroom
Week 2 Kids Rooms
Week 3 Master Bedroom
Week 4 Kids Rooms etc

Each room has an full entire set. Most times the linen is done and then replaced straight back onto the bed. I also vaccum the mattress, this saves with bed mites and allergies. My husband is the allergy MAN – sneeze sneeze sneeze – so I think I just let the dust settle rather than stir it up and hear his constant complain – but he is liking the results..

Living in the tropics there is no great need for loads of heavy huge blankets, nor for flannelette sheets. So that cuts the linen pile down as well.

In my daughters room her spare set can be used on the trundle bed. There is also one complete set for any guests staying.

Storeage of sheets – the fitted sheet is now folded – see here. I am sooooo glad I have found this… I loved doing it also !
Sure beats the fold in some way and roll for fitted sheets !! One pillow case is then placed on the sheet and the other is used as a bag to hold it all together as a set.

What was tossed:

  • Old sheets
  • Tatty towels
  • Stained table clothes
  • Unmatched pillow cases
  • Old baby linen
  • Yucky Blankets
  • Non Elasticed fitted sheets
  • Old kids sofa covers


What is in here now:

  • Sheet sets x 2 Queen sheet with 2 pillow cases
  • Mattress protector x 1
  • Guests towels
  • Spare towels
  • Pool towels
  • Spare pillow cases for camping
  • Sleeping bags x 2
  • Blanket x 1
  • Steam mop now fits in !! yeah yeah
  • Spare gifts have a place
  • A few tea towels
  • Face cloths
  • Spare bath mats for main bathroom


                      Thanks to The Organised Housewife for the drive to get this done.


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