Towels – Colour & Type ?

What a great place that Laundry was to start on – it has kick started my motivation to keep moving and to look around at the washing, linen etc.

I thought I would write about my TOWELS – mmm for some of you this is going to be a boring read but for others this may interest you – as it was a change in my thought process… here goes…

It was only within the last 12 months I would say that I have decided to make all the towels that we use WHITE…dont hold your breath in shock… This use to sound Absolutely Crazy to especially me!! With 2 little kids, a Diesel Fitter as a husband who makes the dirtiest oven look clean and me who destroyed clothes EVERY time I washed ….This really didnt male any sense at all..

Here’s what I found

  • When replacing worn towels I could never find the exact same colour and so was ending up with a mish mash of coloured towels, similar but not the same.
  • White towels match with White towels – doesnt matter on which brand
  • A quick soak in bleach and all – I truly mean ALL & EVERY stain is gone

So after buying a few white towels to try this on, I have never looked back – even with the Dirty Diesel man in the house. It was truly an easy washing option. The towels look fresh and make the rooms look fresh also.

I have been using Carrington Towels lately (on my sisters advise) and I wait till I see them come on special – last lot I brought were from Catch Of The Day, delivered to my door – makes shopping so much easier when you know the colour and even the brand you use of some thing.

I still have some coloured spare towels in the hallway linen cupboard as they never go astray. But our white towels are kept in the toilet area of our en suite. They are in the place where they are used and they are there when you step straight out of the shower if you need a new one.

They live in a small cube that I got very cheep from some where like Crazy Clarks. I have with them the spare Bath mats, so when doing the washing out go the old ones and the new ones are ready waiting. Although with the towels 2 go straight up on the rail.

What colour and kind of towels do you use?


One thought on “Towels – Colour & Type ?

  1. Was so thrilled to hear about another convert! Been doing white towels (My House brand egyptian cotton – get them for 40% every January) for quite a while now and it makes life much easier – all gets thrown in together in the wash and put on the line overnight (night air seems to make them whiter) and then just a quick soften up in the dryer to finish off. No need for bleach or Napisan. I have white handtowels in the kitchen, white dish cloths, white face washers – they all go in together in the wash. Got this idea originally from Cheryl Mendelson in her book “Home Comforts”.

    Have also converted to white sheets (Logan & Mason all cotton sateen 300TC – got on sale at Spotlight – about 50% off). We have 3 different sized beds in our house and a tiny linen press. So everyone now has DB sized white sheets that way I don’t need to worry about whether I have the right sheet or not. I just tuck extra underneath and have a coloured QCS.

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