Fun Friday Week 9

Here we are at the end of the week – I LOVE IT !!

No dinner to cook, relaxed evening with no strict bed time, a glass of wine, Arrrhhhh

Have I said I love Fridays….

What fun things did you get up to today??

My plans this afternoon when I finish work are to do some crafts with the kids. DD got a great sand art kit from her Aunt & family, so may look at that. Might do some beading – birthday gift also. For the DS we might do some glue & paste with the weeks junk mail for things he would like for his birthday. Mummy might make one for her self also 😉


4 thoughts on “Fun Friday Week 9

    • It is GREAT – my DD spent time with her Aunty and they had the best time. Mind you Aunty had to take control as it could of been very messy very quickily !! but looks great.

  1. I had a fantastic day this morning. I started a new routine, well the old one just tweaked a little. I done my morning routine in awesome time which left me plenty of time before morning tea to thoroughly go through the boys clothes.
    My boys are just of 1 year apart, so I’ve been keeping Ethans old clothes in nappy boxes until Eli is ready for them. Well today I got to unpack the last two boxes!!!
    They each have a shelf in their wardrobe for too big clothes and they all fit in there nice and neatly now Yay!!
    I also have a large garbage bag and a nappy box for the church op shop too (where we get credit for the clothes we take in to use at the op shop).
    I rearranged the drawers a little, less confusing now, and made sure there was plenty of room for the winter clothes I have on layby atm.
    Then I managed to work on a couple of scrappy layouts before the kids woke.
    Not such a great afternoon with the kids standing on the oven door, now it won’t shut properly. Really hope Brian can fix it when he gets home.
    Oh well, easy steak sandwiches for dinner tonight, kids can have something easy too.
    Then I can sit and hook up some yummy goodness ready for my sale next week.
    I also made a couple of phone calls I have been procrastinating about. One about a settlement over our camera (yay getting cash now rather than store credit) and the other for a CYH (MHCN) app for the boys 18 month and 2.5 yr checks.

    • WOW – what an amazing post thanks Becci.
      It is a constant sort, assess and regroup to keep on top of things. As I do the washing, folding and hanging I also sort clothes. I have even got into the habit that if I am wearing some thing that doesnt fit well etc then as I take it off – OUT IT GOES. Feels good for the soul as I truely am a hoarder – this is the new me.
      Your poor oven door – thankfully mine is up high so the kids cant destroy it as I am sure they would if they could 😉
      I hope you are very pleased with your huge efforts and I was so pleased with reading what you did. Keep it up.

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