Above Oven Cupboard Clean up

We all have this space somewhere hidden in our house. It is the cupboard where as we open it we wonder what will fall out, or it is the cupboard that we hope nobody opens, or it is that room where we just push things in and shut the door… never to be opened unless by you other wise some one could get hurt…

Well for me this was the space over the oven. In here live my baking trays and cooking dishes.
I would take out the muffin tins and slam it shut. I would put in the muffin tins with a quick open of the door, a toss in and a quick slam shut… GRRRR.

This job took only 15 minutes while I was at the oven waiting for cookies to bake.

Here is what I did:

  • Took out all dishes, trays, and pots
  • Wiped out the cupboard
  • Assess what was actually in there
  • Replaced only used items
  • I have also decided to put in here my Baking paper ?? rather than in my drawer. This is where the trays come from to bake on so I am going to give it a go with keeping like items together.

What was tossed:

  • An old draining rack?? Was on the top
  • Rusted baking trays – I have several of all so some could go
  • A split silicone tray
  • A mouldy pizza stone

Now things fit into there nicely. The doors close as they should and there is no booby traps. Yeah for me !!

I am sure you have an area like this what is it??


2 thoughts on “Above Oven Cupboard Clean up

  1. Putting in two boxes and stnding things on their sides will let you use the space and make it easier to clean.

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