Laundry Sorted

I am a regular follower of  The Organised Housewife and for the past week she has been writing about her laundry. This got me looking at and thinking about MY LAUNDRY!! 
When Cyclone YASI was closing in on us at the start of February EVERYTHING needed to find  a place & be put away. Having just moved around 3 bedrooms and a study I had half the house packed up in boxes sitting on the back deck that now needed to urgently come inside.. ! W H A T …..!! ARRGGHH!!!! On the back deck they were out of mind out of sight. Where was I going to possibly put them??? The biggest drama was I was trying to declutter and having them out side untouched made them (well maybe more so made me) feel safe they could escape the clutches of reentering the house…. but they needed to enter and in a hurry. Where to put them….??

The Laundry was the place of choice. So they were stacked in, under, around and FILLED the laundry. The freshly painted Laundry. The never been this clean Laundry. I almost felt like I had let my self down by letting this “stuff” back in. Knowing full well that alot of what was inside these boxes was not important or worth saving…..
So the Laundry was filled and until this week-end had not regained its space. 

Step 1 was to move it all out into the garage and claim back my clean Laundry so I could them write about what happens in here. DONE!

Systems in Place
In our house each member has their own laundry basket that is in their room or the bathroom.
In that they pile in their clothes at the end of the day – all except DH’s work clothes, they have their own pile …. as they stink and are full of diesel…
Each morning I empty one or more of theses baskets to start a load of washing.
All white get put into the Laundry sink, which is then used as a pre wash bleach bath to freshen them up before they enter their turn in the machine.

My Washing Schedule:

  • Monday – DH Clothes
  • Tuesday – My Clothes Big
  • Wednesday – DH Uniforms
  • Thursday – DS Clothes Little
  • Friday – DD Clothes Little
  • Saturday – Sheets, Towels, Tea Towels, Uniforms & Whites

On a Saturday the break down is as follows:

  • Sheets – including, covers & protectors taken direct from the beds, sorted and then put back on. One week it is the Master sheets, alternative week it is the kids sheets
  • Towels. Teas Towels – this includes all towels, hand towels, face clothes, floor mats and tea towels. They are taken straight from the rails washed, dried and returned 

During the week these loads are put on as I walk out of my room to start the day. The washing then has plenty of time to run the cycle, while we get ready for school, kindy & work, eat breakfast, do lunches etc. It is then hung out or placed into the dryer before we leave making it then ready to be sorted on pur return home. As part of my evening tasks I bring in the washing, fold, sorted or hang all in their right places. Then the days washing is done.

Until I started doing this I had Mount Washmore taking over the entire house … and to find ANYTHING too wear you had to go looking through the FLOORobe to find it…mmmm was not good…. this was before need I mention how I would do load after load, after load, after load on the week ends – infact some week ends I felt like I was chained to the washing machine. Since I have started doing this the entire process takes place and the washing load gets completed.. dried, put away and there is no more piles of dirty washing, or piles of washing to be sorted or hung.. It really is the baby steps that get you there. 1 load every day more than you would normally do and you will get on top of it.

Here is my nice clear, clutter free Laundry that I have regained back …. 🙂

Declutter under the Laundry Sink
WOW !! I am not real sure when I have ever cared about what lived under this sink in the entire 10+ years that we have lived in this house.

I removed the Following:

  • An old scrubbing-brush I have never seen
  • A piece of foam??
  • Spare tiles
  • OLD OLD OLD floor cleaning products x2
  • Plastic sheeting??


  • Spare tiles – placed them all together in a box
  • Paint to touch up the new paint job
  • Small brush & paint tray
  • Viva stainless steel wipes for the sink above


Here is my Laundry Checklist that I will be putting into my folder on the bench to remind me next time I clean it what should be done.

I would love to hear about your washing & laundry…. Does your Dryer put lint everywhere ..? Mine does so it is now on the back deck outside.


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