Fun Fridays

We all get so hung up on getting from A to B or getting to work on time. Dropping the kids here, picking them up to take them there….Hurring the kids along.  What FUN do we actually have with the great people who are our kids?

Life is never perfect, I had a completely over whelming day with one of mine this week – with the other in tow & despite the grief caused and the rage it created in me, we made it through and have got to Friday.

Some times we get caught on the Merry Go Round of life and forget to stop and enjoy what we have. To play with our kids, to hear the laughs, to run till your breathless, to lay on the grass and watch the clouds. When did you last blow bubbles, or colour in a picture? Have you jumped in a huge muddy puddle lately while playing in the rain or chopped up a magazine making a page of all the things you could only wish money could buy?

I have decided that every Friday my posts will be about the kids. It will be about some thing we have done on Fun Friday.  This will then be my Fun Friday list of things so that on those days when you hear them say “I’m Bored” , need something to do on school holidays or the week ends, check my list and see if there is some thing that I can inspire you to do with your kids.

Remember playing with kids is fun – let them choose and let your inner child return – you might actually enjoy it?


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