Bottom of the Black Pantry Hole….

This was the most extreme the dark hole of my pantry has got in quite a long time….. I knew it needed to be sorted as it was now spilling out on to the OUT side of the pantry… Things were no longer fitting into it – but they were falling out of it. Nothing had a place. It was at the point where things were being thrown into the bottom and I was hoping they would somehow match up and form a container again.

Lately I have been using rectangle containers and I have been finding that they have been fitting in better. Not that I dont love my Tupperware but it was time for a match up and a clear out. 

Here are my steps I followed:

Small Steps
I started with just the bottom of the pantry. Some times we bite off more than we can chew and the task itself becomes the over whelming object. It then becomes a hassle to get it finished and back to working order. So just the bottom it was.

Sorted Keep & Toss
I had already decided that it was square corners that I like, so this meant anything that was round, oval, kind of round or oval GONE
Anything that was down in this bottom area and was an unused gift GONE
Anything that was in this area put away because I have 2 or to use another time GONE

Matched Lids with Bottoms
How many times can you find the container but not the lid or the other way around.
So I then created piles that matched. For example – 5 lids with 5 matching containers.
I put like with like and in smaller baskets to keep them together.

Clean Out

Shelves were all wiped down.
Surface spray was used and then what was left was resorted.

The left over things were then in 4 garbage bags and passed on to charity.

Some of the things were

  • An Ice shredder
  • A spare frying pan
  • Round containers
  • Spare unmatching jars
  • An old fruit bowl
  • Old milk frother coffee thingy….???

Have a look in the bottom of your pantry or on that hidden top shelf.
What 5 things can you take out and no longer need??




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