Meal Planning Monday Week 8

During this week I have almost doubled my numbers of followers – which has been amazing and fun. I have been trying to post up snaps of dinners, snacks, treats & even lunch boxes on my Facebook fan page to share and give people ideas.

 I also look forward to you sharing recipes with me and your snaps – you should be able to load them on my page – give it a try.

 Mind you it is very funny as even though we have a meal plan some times our dinners are not on the list – this week I did notice the complete lack of vegetables….ooops

Apricot Chicken, beans and rice
Recipe here

Pasta Bake with mince Dolmino

Left over Pasta from the night before

Homemade crumbed Lamb chops with mash and veggies

Deep fried & crumbed prawns, scallops assortment DH
served with salad


Curried fish, bugs & prawns with rice from DH

Mars Bar slice
Recipe here

Fanta Cake
Recipe here

Remember getting started with Meal Planning is simple

  1. How to get started
  2. Finishing it off

Here are the templates you will need to use


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