Medicine Drawer

Each Tuesday night I try to go through the fridge and ensure that anything old, uneaten or forgotten gets tossed into the bin as it is garbage night.
I also regularly try and tidy up the pantry and use up untouched food before it expires with an Eat from your pantry week.
All of these good practices aside I found a forgotten area last night.

MY MEDICINE DRAWER – aaarrrgghhhh!!!

It was full of half used boxes, expired tablets, creams that I had no idea what they were meant to be used for and bandaids that had even changed colour.

I had an old drawer sorter that I then put in there and 1 large shopping bag full later. It was sorted.
Here is my list of what I looked for, sorted and tossed

  • Courses of tablets that had not been fully completed ie antibiotics – GONE
  • Anything older than 3 months now not being used – GONE
  • Old bandaids – GONE
  • Empty boxes – GONE
  • Expired tablets, creams, solutions, powders – GONE
  • I moved like tablets together – ie 2 half boxes of panadol into one box
  • Rolled up any bandages

I am going to mark this on my calendar and reassess this in a months time to see if I can toss some more as I am sure I saved too many things.

Time for you to give me some feedback as I love hearing from you. Open your Medicine Drawer and let me know 5 things that you no longer need from your drawer.


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