Sorting your self

Feeling like I have a cold sitting on the wings I thought I remind people that we may have schedules and lists and organisation happening but if we dont sort our selves it will over come us and put us in bed and behind in a way larger than we think.

Life can be busy and some times out of control. It becomes a mixture of partners, work, kids, and life in general. Some times we are too focused getting things done and making sure that our “To Do List” is completed and the kids sports activities are attended on time as we race along in our car from point A to point B.

Some times in amongst this we forget about us. We forget to have time out and do the things that we enjoy. We forget to take time out for us. To refresh or recharge our energy, our minds and our souls. These are the things that help us keep moving at the speed life travels at these days.

Here is a list of some of the things I enjoy

  • Reading a magazine
  • Having a HOT cup of coffee
  • Watching a new movie that is not a cartoon at the cinema
  • A glass of wine and a chat with my sister or a great friend
  • Digging quietly in the garden – I was reminded of this the other day.
  • Time to enjoy some craft without fighting the kids or having to help them – just me

We can some times get run down if we dont stop and look after our selves first. Ensure you do the following:

  • Drink plenty of water – I will try to remind you through out the day – this will also remind me
  • Eat healthy – plenty of fruit and veg
  • Have some fresh air and sunshine
  • If we are feeling a little run down – top our selves up with a good multi vitamin if needed
  • Put your self at the top of the list for once – without us being 100% things will start to slow down and get too hard

What do you do to recharge and fresh your self before you start to get too worn down ??


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