Front Area Clean up


Yesterday I need to let my Earth Fairy come out of my soul and I enjoyed having some sunshine and the fun of digging in the dirt.

I have been trying to sort the house and put things in order and yet when I walk to the front door lately it has boxes of things there and shoes… some times this becomes the dumping ground before entering. One of the main things was also the DEAD plants that I had sitting in the pots at the front door… mmm I dont know much about Fen Shui but I dont think these can be good??

SO…. here is my list of things I did to sort out the front area.

Removed all unwanted things
There was this odd collection of toys, shoes, tools, hats – all sitting near the front door but just to the side….
These were all collected up and put in their right homes, tossed or placed into a box to be sorted later.
I wanted a great result in a short time so I was happy to clear up and will return to the boxes to sort at another time.

Removed Dead Plants
All dead plants were removed from their pots to be replaced.

Trimmed the plants
There was an area down the end of the front porch that had an overgrown chilli bush growing with 2 HUGE green ants nest on it.. as well as an azalea that has grown out of control and so I had lost the end of this area…. SO with the green waste in our area being collected yesterday I got busy chopping these right back and tidying up this area. My hand is sore today from pruning but the area looks great!!

After the school run I went by the local nursery – normally I plant small plants in these pots to grow up – but they never do – I end up killing them with love. So this time I have spent a little more money and brought the next size up give both of us a chance to get them growing. I also have planted the same plants that are growing without love in the garden right in front of them – so they SHOULD grow??

Clean Windows/Screens/Front door
I decided to bring out suds, the banister brush and the hose with the windex that clipped onto it and give this window cleaning job a go. All cobwebs were swept away, all wasps nests were removed and they were all washed down first with washing up liquid. I then followed this with the Windex spray bottle. This clips onto your hose and it washes with suds and then washes off – I then also used the Viva window wipes inside and my windows are SPARKLING..
Just take care any one who is inspired to do your windows as I did almost over flow a window track in one of the bedrooms. I do vacuum the tracks out each time I do the floors but it would have been the collection of dust in the tracks on the OUTSIDE. So make sure you keep an eye on your out let sections and ensure that are clearing as you go. 

The front door mat was dusted off and replaced to finish off – I normally run the vacuum over this when I do the entrance floor inside.

What does the front of your house look like when you approach your front door or does it need a clean up?


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