Meal Planning Monday Week 7

Crab & Sweet Corn soup with fresh bread rolls.
This was made by DH so I have no idea what went in it but it was YUMMY

Butter Chicken (Chicken tonight Continental) with rice & beans

Honey Roast Chicken (Cook in the bag)
Potatoe Bake & veggies

Left over chicken made into Curry Chicken using Mc Cormicks Sea Food curry mix & veggies added with Rice

Scotch Fillet cooked as a roast in the BBQ
with salad & mash
Chocolate self saucing pudding for dessert – (I use 1 and a half time the water in the sauce to make it juicier )

Frozen left overs -kids had lasagna & I had fresh rolls with Turkey & cheese – DH was late home from fishing and had left over Curried Chicken

Crumbed steak, eggs, homemade chips & tinned spagetti

Rainbow cupcakes

** with my rice I cook it in the microwave
1 1/2 cups of rice with 3 cups of water and 2 teaspoons of Vegeta ( this is like a stock? kind of like the stock that comes in the packet with noodle cups)
I cook on high for 11 minutes, stirring half way – then I leave to sit for 5 mintues to absorb the water before serving.


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