New Reward Charts to Printout

Ever since I have been cleaning & shining my sink I have been rewarding myself with a gold star on the calendar. This was also to show my family the true importance that this task is meaning to me. It then didnt take long for the kids to start wanting to stickers and needing to know how they could collect them also.

I worked with the kids in putting together a list of our hardest tasks & the things we all struggle with. Please keep in mind our kids are 5 & 3 so these may sound like simple tasks and yet they also need to be achievable for them. It was decided that we would do 5 tasks for 5 days. These tasks are broken into Morning, Evening and All day tasks.
They are:

  • Make your bed
    This is the first time in their lives that their beds have been made EVERY day !!
  • Eat your dinner
    Every single night there is a fight about eating all their dinner. Now there is a sticker for when they eat it all up and that is enough to help this along.
  • Brush your teeth
    DS3 Loves to do this
    DD5 Hates to do this
    So being important this is also added to the list
  • Be Nice
    2 kids = HUGE fights
    This really gets the better of me, the screaming, the fights and he did, she has….grrrr
  • No Tantrums
    DS3 is SO good at these – infact only a few weeks ago he refused to eat his dinner – which was his favorite only the week earlier!!
    He was sent to his room & the door was shut where he then threw a Thomas train at the back of the freshly painted gloss door and scratched it  M M M M M M M hence the reward chart was born!

They succeeded to fill the chart & were especially excited to get stickers throughout the day. Once filled – they each then got a toy of approximately $15 to add to their latest collections that we discussed before starting the chart.

This week end I will be laminating the charts & things will toughen up as then I can remove stickers as well as add them if the behaviour isnt maintained.

Have a look at my chart & let me know if you use some thing like this already or if it would work for you??


3 thoughts on “New Reward Charts to Printout

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  3. Hi,
    Brilliant ideas:)

    I’m planning on following Flylady’s Babysteps in December & I’d like a reward chart for myself but all I can find are ones for children.

    Do you know of anywhere please where I can get a free printable FlyLady Baby Steps for an adult? I need a sticker for everytime I shine my sink etc:)

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