Opening the Mail

Mail – it is the stuff we put aside.
Mail – it is the stuff we open and it GROWS on the bench
Mail – it is the stuff that floats around in the car
Mail – it is the thing we dread to open

With running several businesses we have a Mail Box that is accessed most day. I am SHOCKING with mail, as my sister and my co workers will tell you. It never gets to the right place in time – it gets lost in the SIMS world before it then surfaces where it is meant to, some times even weeks later.

I am in the process of putting things in place to prevent this from happening.

All mail is opened at the P O Box when collected and put into the correct places straight away.
All envelopes are put into the side door pocket to be emptied when I get home each time.
All mail is then hole punched and sorted. There is now a hole punch that lives in the center console of my car so that this is done each time.

All work mail –  is put directly into a ring binder type folder keeping it all together and in one place. On a normal week I am at work most days so it is then taken in with me for the work processes to happen with it.

All personal mail – is hole punched and bull dog clipped together to go straight inside and into my Sims Book of Knowledge, tucked away on the bench. Each Monday I look through this and action what is needed to be paid, done or followed up.

All other mail – is then put in a particular place in the lounge room for collection by relevant family members. This way it is not travelling around in the car and if I am not home they can still call in and collect it where they know it lives.

All junk mail – this is then tossed out straight away in the envelope pile and not hanging around.

This has stopped me handling the mail 3, 4 or 5 times and moving it around the house from pile to pile and then still not being able to find it when it is needed.

What happens with your mail?


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