Bedroom Transformation – DS’s

Ever since our kids were born they have shared a room together. It was easier to be in one room, and yet it was a night mare at bed time trying to stop them talking and mucking around.

At the start of this year we decided to spend some time and sort the house – which we have never done in over 10 years of living here. This then started a complete range of dominoed effects like – cleaning up and this blog…

Heres how it started.
I purchased a number of boxes and decided to tackle the rooms that we would close the doors on. This included the kids room, the out of control messy study & the never to enter spare room – this room was called the spare room as I am sure it contained a SPARE everything….These rooms that had no order or path in them lead a lone any thing else. In these boxes I put EVERYTHING. I didnt sort or organise I just put and filled. It was amazing how many boxes it took.

During this time I did clear out a bit & so the de cluttering started – infact I filled 2 x 6 foot skips in 2 days mmmmmm I was going to wash down walls but trust me they needed FAR more than this SO we:

  • Painted 3 bedrooms
  • Painted the Hallway
  • Painted the Laundry
  • Painted the toilet
  • Painted the bathroom – I also painted the bathroom laminate cabinet – but will do a seperate post on this
  • New carpets in 3 bedrooms  

WOW – what a difference this made. I went slightly lighter but white ceilings, light light light cream walls and no feature colours, creamy more beige coloured plain carpet !!

This way I could add colour to the rooms with things like pictures, covers, etc rather than painting colours. The rooms now wont date and can be changed around easily.

With putting everything in boxes it gave me a clean slate to work with – as I had nothing around and everything was fresh and new. Mind you I do still have plenty of boxes that I need to sort but with each day they become so much easier and I am letting go of so many things and feeling great.

Here is my Old Study that is now DS 3yrs room. This room has had the most amazing transformation and gave our kids their own spaces..



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