Quick 15, 10 or even 5 minute tasks

Short jobs regularly are what help us to get on top of the huge piles of house work that fill up or spare time and week ends. In writing this blog never think for a second that I have a spotless Vogue house – infact this blog is the “Work In Progress” that I am applying and using my self to get on top of my own mess and more so clutter….

Here are some quick cleanups that you could try

Quick Vacuum (15)
This is not the indepth pull funiture out, this is the quick plug in the vaccum and do the centres of as many rooms as you can in 15 minutes. Will look refreshed.

Clean the Beds (15)
On a fine day there is no better thing to do that pull the sheets off your beds, including mattress protectors and covers. Place them on a hot wash and out side in the warm sun to dry. Vacuum the beds and put back together. No greater feeling than fresh clean sheets.

Clean all glass (15)
With glass spray in one hand and a cloth in the other walk through your house and do all mirrors, fish tanks, tv’s and if there is still time glass doors.

Wall Frames (10)
Concentrate on giving all frames on walls and on cabinerts a quick wipe over.

Clean the Lounge (10)
Takes nothing to pull the covers off the lounge. To sort the cushions and make it look clean and fresh. If needed and possible give it a quick vaccum or wipe over – depending on the kind.

Sort some papers (10)
Give the pile of papers on the end of the bench the once over, sort and toss. Placing kept things in a set area.

Swipe your benches (5)
This applies for any benches in your house. When finished in the bathroom give those tops a quick wipe over, around the taps, in the sink – done. I use Pine o Clean disinfectant wipes.
When finished with the coffee machine in the kitchen, wipe it over.
When doing the last load of washing for the day, wipe it over.

Clean out the lint in your dryer (1)
This job takes no time at all. I do mine after every few loads. It helps your machine run to the best and not be clogged as well as saves on lint monsters appearing.

Keep your Dishwasher fresh (1)
If you have a lemon tree it takes no time to squeeze a lemon into the bottom of your dishwasher to keep it smelling nice.

Rinse the Toilet (1)
To grab your toilet cleaner and run it around the inside of the toilet bowl helps it stay clean and fresh.

What are some of your quick tasks?


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