New products I have found

I decided the other day that I would buy the latest Australian Good Taste Magazine. I then sat down with a hot coffee ( which is unheard of ) and decided to rip out all of the things I wanted to cook over the next few weeks.

While I was doing this I also love to see that new items and products for sale.

Here are the things I have found that I want to try.

Vokda premixed in a box – mmmm might add an interesting twist to the Wine in a casket.. or are these the things I am not meant to write about he he he

I want to try this range of sauces – not that I am a Tomato Sauce fan – but the kids are and this looks a little more natural & Australian made.

These are my all time favorite cleaning product of the moment. I have only the blue Complete clean so I will now be looking to see what other options I have or smells they come in.

These are one of my favorite quick meals – I have found these from the Pie Lady at work and for some reason despite the oil – I do feel they are “healthy with with broccoli in them.

What are some of your things you want to try or new products you have used??


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