Meal Planning Monday Week 6

This week I have had a tag-a-long with DD since she broke her arm. It is in a soft cast and the Drs are waiting to ensure that it holds before they re cast it. So to keep it as safe as possible she has not been going to school but “hanging with mum”.

One would think I have had time to be more organised but some how I have been sorting and doing other things that I never get around to.


Crumbed fish, Homemade chips, tinned spagetti (Heinzs is much better than the SPC I found in the cup board last night ) & eggs.

Spagetti Bol – thank goodness for making large batches and freezing half in

Beef Wellington, Mash potaote & veggies
These are already made from the butcher and take 40minutes in the oven – they are YUMMY

Crumbed steak, homemade chips & salad

Hogs Breath Cafe

Fresh (still warm) mud crab sandwiches
Kids dont eat this they had Ham cheese tomatoe toasted sandwiches

Crumbed steak hamburgers since we still had crumbed steak left over


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