Daily Routines

Dont any of you for one minute be fooled by what looks like a controlled and well glued together running of both a family & life. Up until researching this topic very recently our house was LIVED IN! There was a constant battle with trying to find a path through the living area to the bedrooms, there was the struggle of moving the piles of dirty dishes to find a tiny patch of cleared bench to cook on, there was the sorting through Mount Washalot to see if there was a clean pile hidden some where with clothes to wear..

I thought it was easier to have LOADS of clothes so that I didnt have to wash a lot. I thought it was easier to have takeaway more often rather than find the time to clean dishes….. not sounding good now is it??
With 2 kids and several businesses, with little support from my husband, the house started to control and take over. It was then preventing me from having people over due to the huge effort it would take  to sort and clean to make it half presentable…

Since writing this blog I have found that I am now putting things into place – making templates that as a family we are following and using and slowly – just one small step at a time clearing out clutter and “things” that I thought were so very important…

2 Things this year have opened up my eyes to what is important – the first was the Southern Queensland Floods – the horrific devastation and the enormous loss these people went through on the television broken so many people’s hearts. It made me start to think that if I had minutes, even seconds to grab things – what would be important…???
Then weeks later Cairns had its own reality check with a CAT 5 cyclone heading to use – my first most important “things” were all with me at our house in the form of family, partner, children, parents, sisters, neices.. the next most important “things” I took digital pictures of to have a memory of incase they were destroyed. This has since helped me de clutter and clear out in a great way.

My work was rewarded to me on Australia Day when as each year we had the family over for a BBQ. This year people were saying how good the house was looking, which made my heart warm. It took such little effort as it was already shining before the preparations began. Then equally rewarding was the small amount of time it took to clean up and have things back into their places…. I also found this same thing happened with the cyclon clean up – our house went from looking like a cyclone had made a direct hit to order in very little time…..

The main part of holding this all together is the daily routines I have been practicing.
When I get out of bed I am doing the following

  • Taking a load of washing straight to the washing machine to wash
  • Unloading the dish washer
  • Helping the kids make their beds

I know this is only 3 things but it is 3 things that were always put onto the either not done list or the done when needed list – where as now they are just done.

In the evening I have been doing the following

  • Packing the dish washer and turning on
  • Folding and putting away all clothes from the washing for the day ( I have been also making sure to toss any that are too stained, torn or ripped or too small)
  • Shining my sink

I know these all sound like commonly done and easy tasks but some times as we all know LIFE takes control …
Remember little steps each day & if you think you have fallen off there is always tomorrow to climb back on & restart….

I would love to hear some of your daily routines to help with my ideas.


2 thoughts on “Daily Routines

    • It is the little steps that get you there I am finding.
      I am just doing little things that each day I am slowly building on.
      I am LOVING having a clear and clean sink (almost obsessive) – the trick is the window spray that really finishes it off as the final wipe over. I have started using ViVa stainless steel wipe and they are great.
      I will be adding a post soon with the new kids charts I am using (I will load them as printables for you to try) and number 1 on that list is make your beds … so for the first time in the life of the 5 & 3 yr olds their beds are being made and it is by THEM !!
      Also thanks for your feedback and for following 🙂

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