Cluttered Car

I am not sure if any of you have the kind of car I have. But with the comings and goings that we do. Leaving home before 7.30am arriving home closer to 6pm than any other time with 2 little kids – some times our car is just the means in which we endlessly transport around our, bottles, containers, changes of clothes, shoes, some times fishing rods, nets, toys, paperwork, mail, mmmmm the list for goes on.

I am going to try for the next while to keep our car clean. Rather than the kind that when the kids get in you are afraid of what will fall out on you – like it is now.

I am not sure what makes the car any different from the kitchen sink or the benches so time to get it sorted and this is how I am going to try:

1. We always have some kind of snack of food in the car, but from now on I am going to ensure that all scraps and foods are removed and collected before leaving the car. I normally have my own hands fun – but this is going to be top of the list. Where possible we will even now wait to eat till we get home.

2. Each time we get home from day care or school, we are going to start to take EVERY thing out with us that we took in. School bags have their place, drink bottles have their place, containers have their place, spare clothes & shoes have their place. I am going to start to say – What goes in Must come out.

3. While filling up the car, waiting at lights or at the front of the school early to pick up the kids, it takes no time at all to collect anything that should not be in the car. These can then be placed into containers in the back of your car as below.

4. I will keep 2 containers in the back of the car. 1 container will be for putting any rubbish in and the other will be for putting anything that needs to go into its place into. This can then be sorted, emptied or removed at the end of any trip.

5. So often with us the car is just the thing we all jump into in a hurry and it zooms along getting us from point A to point B. I am going to start making one day of the week the day the car gets sorted and add this into my routine.
A few small bags and small packet of baby wipes in the glove box is enough to get you started.
Does your car feel the love from you ?


3 thoughts on “Cluttered Car

  1. Hello – what a fantastic website!
    I have four kids and we have had similar issues with our car in the past.
    I have a great basket, the type that folds down with the silver handle and frame.
    Anything that gets handed to me after school goes in – bits and pieces – confiscated game players 🙂
    It’s easy to throw my handbag in and take inside, while piling up any extra bags etc. Leaves one hand free.
    A great little feeding box is The Snack Trap – so the kids can access small food items without spilling 🙂
    Snacking on the way home will delay the cravings before dinner making evenings so much nicer.
    Our car used to become a mobile home at some points, living in the bush we’d be in the car for up to 4 hours driving one way for a soccor match!
    The holders that hang off the back of front seats are a saviour – pads, pens, toys, even suprises can be hidden to break up the trips – just be careful of anything that is hard and folds down, in an accident it can cause major injuries.

    • Thank you so very very much – I have some how missed seeing your gret feedback here.
      What great ideas you have for us all.
      We noramlly when heading away pack in the kids large pencil cases – these have 2 sets of pencils, a plain drawing book and a coluring book.
      They also have some leapfrog toys that they do writing on. Those magnetic drawing templates are also great for them to draw on mess free.
      It really is a matter of what goes into the car MUST come out – this is where the clutter begins..

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