Meal Planning Monday Week 5

What a week this one has been – a CAT 5 cyclone crosses just south of us which, we came through & yet a few days later we have a solider down with a completley broken bone in the Aftermath….. But as you will see – we must LOVE our food, as we still ate well with no power for 4 days. We were grateful to the genset that just kept humming along as well as the gas BBQ to keep things cooking.

Crumbed Steak – salad & homemade chips

Crumbed Fish and Egg Sandwiches – some thing simple that fed us all while watching the wild skies unfold out side

Curried Bugs, Prawns, Fish with rice mounds

Kids ate High 5 sausages – made from the butcher with 5 different veggies in them – they are GREAT for a quick bread and sausages meal for the kids and to know they have had something good for them 😉

Burchetta entree
Chewy Chow Mein – this was Beef stir fry with noodles and veg. It was meat from a cattle station we were given that was a little tough but still very tasty

Roast night x 2
Moroccan Chicken
Stuffed Beef
served with mash and veg – I ate this the next morning due to the family casuality and it was delishhhhh then

Spagetti Bol – sauce was pre cooked and in the freezer so it was an easy night


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