Eat from your pantry

During the last week we have had to think about what we were going to eat. What will go with it and what we will have left to start again with for tomorrow nights dinner.

With a Catergory 5 cyclone off the coast there were plenty of reasons to begin to worry about what tomorrow might bring but amongst the frenzy was the crazy impulse buying that cleared alot of the supermarket shelves clear of food supplies.

Each time some thing like this poses a threat and I hear of this behaviour I wonder – did these people not have ANY food in their cupboards, fridge or freezer??

Our cupboards are much better than they use to be but they are still ladden with food that can be made into meals. I also find that now that I am meal planning I am buying the rice to have with the curry on Friday, or I am buying the pumpkin to have with the roast on Saturday. I have things now that are to be used to make things with – not just random items just because as I use to get when shopping.

I also find that I am using my shopping list and where I can (without taking the kids and husband shopping) I am only buying what is on the list. As soon as some thing is low I write it on the list to be replaced. This is also helping me to not have excess food in the pantry that goes out of date and takes up room. How many times do we clear out the fridge, freezer or pantry and toss out bags of uneatten food.

Give this a go;
Have a look in your freezer/pantry and see what you can plan for the week with meals before doing your shopping and post up some of the meals you have created.

It will help if you use a Meal Planner  to write these on so that you can keep track of what you are cooking for the week.
It might surprise you how low your food bill will be for the week. I look forward to hearing how you go with this.


2 thoughts on “Eat from your pantry

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