Starts with a Sparkly Sink

Here is some thing I never thought I would find my selfwritting about. It is my Sparkly sink!!!

I keep reading that tjhis is one of the most important things to acheive. Even if the kitchen is a mess, the clothes arent sorted or dinner is not organised, if there is just one thing that you can acheive and it be clean your sink it will start to make a difference. This has taken me a while to put this into practice but now the list of stars is starting to become noticeable on my calendar. Whether this is at the end of the day or at the start of the day but it needs to be clear from dishes and clean.

I have followed the following steps to acheive this.

  1. Place the plug in and fill sink to the very brim with very hot water (only 1 side at a time)
  2. Add to the sink 1 cup full of bleach
  3. Leave to soak for 1 hour
  4. After this hour – remove the plug with tongs and scrub the sink with an abrasive cream or paste ie Jiff, I used Gumption as it is one of my favorite products
  5. Rinse this out and wipe down with window cleaner – yes WINDOW CLEANER!!
  6. Buff with a soft cloth until it shines and sparkles – trust me it will!!!!


I am trying to put this into action each night at the end of the day. Loading the dishwasher, clearing and wiping down the bench and making my sink sparkle…

Each morning when I wake and look at my clean sink I then put a gold star on my calendar as a reward to ME. But I think this is going to start to rub off – as last night DH decided to clean the kitchen as the kids were a bit out of sorts, this morning he wanted to know if he got a gold star. As encouragement that he actually did the dishes, YES he got one! The kids now want to know when they get a gold star so off to create a calendar page for them… that will be tomorrows post.


Here are some links that have supported me:

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3 thoughts on “Starts with a Sparkly Sink

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  2. I just found your blog in my search for a meal planning chart. I am a complete beginner at keeping my house clean and organized, so I don’t know what you are taking about with the abrasive cream or paste. What are some full names of products for me to look for?

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