Meal Planning Monday Week 4

Chicken Kiev (from Woolies Deli), Mash & veggies

Chicken stir fry with Broccoli, carrot, beans – pre mix from the butcher

BBQ – Lamb Loin chops, Marinated Beef, Baked Fish, Bugs

Thanks to too much steak for Australia Day
Marinated Steak, Mash & salad 

Again thanks to way too much food on Austrlia Day
Lamb Curry (using the left over Lamb Chops) with rice

Lasagna with Mountain Bread 
This is light and yummy – mind you the first time I told my DH about using Moutain Bread he was very concerned of the taste of soggy bread in the dish…. but we would never use heavy pasta sheets again – this can also then be made gulten free with out troubles for those of you who need to.

Barramundi fillets pan fried topped with prawns & bugs in a garlic sauce with salad and mash potato

Extra Cooking

Mars Bar slice

Ham & corn muffins


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