To Keep or Not too Keep School Art Work

Once your child hits school years, then begins the endless stream of paintings, cut & paste, writing and makings that ALL need to be the top of the “Best Work” pile and pride of the household. Mind you for those of you with children who went to daycare and kindy this will of already begun then. So what to do with them all??

We have just recently put together a clip for each of the kids that magnets onto the side of the fridge.This clip displays each of their art work. The art work of the day gets put onto this clip and is there to take pride of the house, waiting to show Daddy, Aunty or Grandparents. The current art work there is in taken off and pasted into their “Art Book”.

The “Art Book” is just a standard scrap book that I use to collect all their work into. This is a task that I do with them in the after school time where home work would normally be. Since our kids are Kindy & Grade 1 the larger homework loads have not yet begun but this gets them doing school related tasks in the designated time span that homework would fill.

Ensure you put the date on each piece of artwork. This scrap book is just that a scrap book – it doesnt have to be in perfect date order, it is just a collection of their work, that allows you to keep it in an organised way, rather than being thrown out and hearts broken. It will also give you a collection of work your child has completed for the year that can be given as a gift to grandma or someone at Christmas time.


You will find over time that your children will be talking about putting their work in their book and they will hurry in to get it sorted knowing where it goes. So make sure it has a home, along with some glue and safety scissors.

I find that if some of the paintings are too big you can either fold the pages over so they still fit in or some times we have even cut the paintings down.

Otherwise if this is not an option as I have written about earlier I also take photos of the kids work and then at least for the larger more creative items of work they can still go out after a while and the memory will remain.


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