Kids Afternoon/Night Routines

Surviving the morning and getting out the door is one tick for the day, the other end of the day can be even worse to get through. With eventful days, no naps and being away from mum can be extremely tiresome.

I have found that as long as the kids have a list of tasks that never change, in a set order then they can keep it together.

This  list may alter in your family due to afterschool events or time spans as well as the age of your children. We are only just about to start homework this year so at the moment there isnt a homework time but there is a tasks time. This list is also on the wall and referred back to through out the night.

Again make sure that you do one thing at a time slowly growing on the list until they start to run on automatic. One day the might surprise you by checking the list themselves and doing the next thing on the list.

Work out the right list that works in your home.



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