Kids Morning Routine

For those of you who are brand new to the world of school these past few days have probably been like nothing you have experienced with your child. Lucky your baby can rest for a day and then return to finish off the week. From here on though it will be 5 days a week and order needs to be found.

With out forming a routine in both their morning and evening you will soon find yourself with late nights, over tired children, hard to wake children, and bad behaviour. I am not any professor on parenting by any means but all this does not make a happy home, parent or child.

I have started with the Morning Routine. For me starting the day right helps put us all on the right foot. If it has been mayhem from the moment your eyes open then things are not off to a good start. Especially on the days I am also working we are out of the house and on the road by 7.30am so order needs to be sorted and maintained for this to happen with out me starting the day off by yelling and screaming.

Our list is in the kids room on the wall. This way they can refer back to it and keep the process moving along themselves, as well there is one on the front of the fridge. I have it laminated so that gold stars can be stuck on it each day when things are acheived and then they can then easily be removed for the next day.

To create your own version of this you need to think about that the key important things are that you need your child to do before leaving the house each morning. This might be the over all list to acheive but start with 1 thing for the week and then build on it each week until they form a habit with the things they need to do. Make sure you reward with stars along the way, we all like to know we have done well 😉



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