What is a Healthy Lunch


Some times it is hard by the end of the week, term or year to even think about what is healthy to fill our kids lunch boxes with as well as to also fill them with that is healthy and wholesome.

Keeping in mind my list are only suggestions as there are concerns with peanuts and allergies at some schools. So always check to see what is suggested by the school them self as you will need to abide by their guidelines.

Here are some suggestions:

Morning Tea / Afternoon Tea
Seasonal fruit: Grapes, bananas, paw paw, watermelon, apple,
Veggie Sticks: Carrot, capsicum, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, celery
Rice cakes/crackers/cruskits, piklets
Cheese Cubes
Tinned fruit in natural juices
Dried fruit: sultanas, dried apricots, dates or prunes

Wholemeal sandwiches/pita bread
Filling such as:
vegimite & cheese,
egg & lettuce,
chicken & avocado,
ham + cheese + tomato,

Cold meat & salad

Mini pizza:
ham & cheese
ham cheese & pineapple

What are some of your lunch ideas?


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