Back to School Checklist

With school now only days away, I have put together a checklist to make sure you are on track with all things in order. Some times there is so much to sort and do that it becomes overwhelming and things get forgotten.

Those new to school – be aware that your babies are growing. I know in my DD first year of Prep she has gone from size 6 to 8. Same when at kindy (thankfully that is 2 years) but from size 4 to 6, so factor in the growth or be aware that these uniforms may need to be replaced in 6 months time.
For those of you returning to school it is amazing what a good soak can do to school clothes. Gives them a lift making them bright and fresh again.
Make sure with shoes that they are fitted well. If your children are anything like mine, school meant the first time they were wearing schools 5 days a week every week for at least 40 weeks in the year. A quick wipe over with shoe polish makes them shine and look new. Velcro is always great for young kids and shoes. Again this was some thing that was replaced for my DD at half year.
School hat is a must – infact our school is no hat no play – our kids even have a spare one in their bag at all times.

School Bag
I have decided that I would replace DD school bag. Fresh and new ready to start. Same as the lunch boxes – both got new lunch box, bottle & 2 containers from K-mart for all of $10. Couldnt beat it. I put my mobile number on the inside of DD school bag so that if she is ever stuck for any reason she may not remember the number but she always knows where to find it. Sunscreen is a must in the school bag, our before and after care has sunblock in bulk in a pump on the bench that they put on every morning when there but this is for just in case.

Make sure you have completed all forms, shown all immunizations, collected all tuck-shop details and bus forms. Making sure they go back to the right places and are set up right from the first day so that neither you or your child misses out on places or is left of lists or rolls.

Things to Buy
I personally use a place in Cairns called Harleys Educational who helps and organises all booklists completely on line, right down to the point that you dont even need to have your list, you enter the school and year and they have it all on line that you click and select, makes book orders extremely easy. For all others make sure you collect your book order and ensure you get all required items on the list.
For snacks, thanks to my sisters idea, I have created an area in my pantry that has a roller shelf basket and it is filled every week with snack treats that the kids enjoy for school and after school treats. I will post on this with lunchboxes ideas – will take a snap once it is restocked.

Getting ready to go
I lay the clothes out the night before at the ends of the kids beds. Then in the mornings there is no panic and you know where things are. I make the lunches in the morning while the kids are having breakfast. Give me a chance to chat to the kids at the bench and then see and know what they are having for the day and it is fresh. For others you may prefer to make lunch the night before and have it already ticked of the list for the morning. Bags are sorted after school each day and put on their hooks (picture to follow) ready for the next day.
I like to snap most things so on the first day the camera for me is a must – as for last year the tissues were also. My kids are self sufficient and yet it still made me shed a tear as she headed out into the world of school.

Organising – Decluttering
Write your childs name on every thing – a great example of this was at the end of last year the preps did swimming – so 5 classes in the same day at the pool and a lost school shirt that was not named …mmmmm… Luckily it was not mine but another mother in our class. All our uniforms have the surname only so that they can be passed down to the DS. He already has his first year in his cupboard lined up waiting for next year to begin.
Old uniforms if they are to, ripped or stained to badly toss them out, other wise if still in good condition pass them on or donate them to the school – there is always some one in need.
If your kids need before or after care due to work commitments that ensure this is organised and that the carer and your child knows times for pick ups and from where. We are very fortunate that we use before and aftercare and that they work very closely with the kids and with limited numbers. This makes our kids feel very safe at all times.
If your school has a kiss and drop zone or a pick up area make sure that your children know where this is and how it works. Spend an afternoon and walk there with your child and watch what others do so they understand. Remember some times kids think differently to us.
Once the kids come home make sure you have some where that they can display their work of the day, or put their school books or home work. Since our kids are little at the moment homework hasnt started but we have 2 clips on the side of the fridge that they can put their work on. I also take digital photos of all their work. We then paste the best into a scrap book as a collection for the year.
Make sure you plan your meals for the week – as you wont be thinking about shopping and dinner thoughts will become to hard especially with tired children on week 1 – so plan ahead and keep it simple with the kids favorites.
I will also be posting a morning and evening routine for the kids that can be pinned on the fridge or on a wall so that all the tasks get completed in the right time spans, making life run smoothly.

Hopefully this will give you some ideas you had not thought of with getting ready for school.


One thought on “Back to School Checklist

  1. Fantastic resource, thanks so much, there were definitely things you’ve mentioned that I had not thought of. Some great ideas to adopt too. Will definitely be using your checklist!! Great work 🙂

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