Time to finish the Meal Planning

After you have put together the Master list of meals from every one in the family, it is then time to put them to action. In our house the meals are planned really for 4 nights of the week, Friday is normally takeaway & a nice way to end the week, then on week ends we can always find some thing that works for us all or even left overs.

Using the Weekly Meal Planner template write your selected combination on to the selected days of the week. Checking what you have already in the freezer or pantry to use for ingredients. Items missing to make these dishes can then be add in the  right hand column becoming the start of your shopping list for the week.

After you have used this for several weeks you can then laminate this planner, place some magnets on the back, attach it to the front of your fridge and write on it with a white board marker so it becomes one of your kitchen tools, being wiped clean at the end of every week.

Good luck with putting your meal planning into place. One thing I also do is keep a record of what we have had and collect all new recipes that I try. Making the start of a Book of Knowledge (BOK). I will talk about this another time as there are plenty of things to be added into this folder as time goes on.


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