How to start with Meal Planning

To get started on making a Meal Plan for the week all takes time.
Our life is some what crazy and out of control at the best of time. I was finding that with 2 little kids and the juggle with small business that quite often when coming home late takeaway was so much easier than healthier.
Once I started sorting out what was for dinner the nights started to run a little smoother. Planning and then shopping for that weeks menu then gives you no excuse but the have things there on hand already. Mind you we do run off the rails as in any good plan, Fridays are normally Takeaway night but an extra one here or there may appear when the going gets tough.

These days I find that when I pick the kids up from care, the very first thing they ask is “whats for dinner” and on the longer harder nights I do try and make it one of the kids favorites so that I know I am already on a winner before I begin.

Here’s how I started and how you can also.

We started by sitting around as a family and we all said what our favoite meals were.
This list was then our master list that was put onto the front of the fridge as a check point.
We worked on this for a week – adding and rubbing off meals that were to be in the final list.
Favorite dinners
Favorite takeaways
Favorite snacks
Favorite desserts
Anything that any of us loved to eat was added.

Rome wasnt built in a day – so I have included a copy of my list for you to print out and add to the front of your fridge and try for the next week. This will help to begin your meal planning and get you on the road to having dinner sorted.

Family Favorites

Tomorrow night I will put it together for you on my Meal Planner with another template.


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