Monday Meal Planning Week 2






Monday – Chicken Schnitzel from Woolworths
                       Mash Potatoe
                       Veggies – fresh Broccoli, Beans, Corn  
                      (we dont use frozen veggies very often at all)

Tuesday – Spaghetti Bol

Wednesday – Crumbed steak
                               Mash Potatoe
                               Salad – tomatoe, red onion, cheese, avocado

Thursday – Fresh fish, chips, eggs
                           I guess this is why I do love that DH does go fishing

Friday – Take-away night – Chinese dinner
                    We ate out so no mess or dishes to clean up

Saturday – Tomato, ricotta, spinach, pepperoni Pasta Bake

Sunday – Take-away Roast chicken & chips with gravy
                      We were out on the water & home late

Cooking Easy Cake 1,1,1,1


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