Tips on Clearing Closet Clutter

We all have such varied arrangement of clothes in our wardrobes.

The ones that are too small that we hope we will fit back into.
The ones that are comfortable and trashy for hanging around the house in.
The ones that are for “good” only.
Our work clothes.
Our grow into clothes.

Honestly, how many pairs of PJ’s do you actually need?
How many jackets can you wear at once?

If you are anything like me there is a collection of clothes that are worn regularly and then there are those that you dont.
Here are my tips for sorting out your clothes.

  1. The first pile to go is the ones that need repairs, the pilling, missing buttons, hems down, rips, tears & stains.
    If you havent got around to mending them, they mustnt be too important.
  2. Followed by the things that dont fit properly, or you dont like or are the wrong colour.
    There is no reason to wear clothes that you tug at or pull down constantly.
    Dont clog your cupboard with things you dont wear – out they go!
  3. Same with shoes, any worn out, badly scuffed shoes, broken heels, the shoes need to be replaced
  4. Anything not worn in the last year GONE. I give myself a year as this then takes in weather conditions and seasons.
  5. If you hate ironing and you have things that need to be ironed, toss them out. This task will soon hit the too hard list and these items wont get worn often.
  6. Once you have a “keep pile” try these things on. They might not look how you remember they did or sit like you thought they did. You may find that they may find themselves in the “out pile” with out even trying.

Another thing I do when sorting my clothes is  

  • Make sure that all your clothes have been washed and hung up. Turn all of your coat hangers around the other way from your normal. When you wear any clothes from now on make sure they get put back into the wardrobe the right way – or in another part of the wardrobe.
  • After 6 or 12 months then look to see what clothes have not been worn.
  • These items can then be tossed out with out needing to think twice about them

For this to work for you,
It is best to work fast so that you dont have second thoughts.
Ensure that you seal the bag and take it straight to be donated or into the rubbish so that again you dont have a chance to save any items.


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