Setting a Routine

With all the new changes happening around our house at the moment it is the routine that is holding it all together for me and giving me some sanity knowing that this is all for a reason.

Here is a quick look at some of the daily tasks I have been doing.

  • Each morning I try and take out the dirty clothes from the day before and place them into the washing machine
  • I unload the dishwasher from the clean load from the night before
  • Bags are packed and our day begins

In the afternoon we have some routine that also follows

  • Bags out of the car
  • Lunch boxes onto sink
  • Bags on hooks in rooms
  • Hats on clips in rooms
  • Clothes hung out or ( Bad bad habit of mine) Clothes into dryer
  • Put away clothes
  • Pack dish washer and put on after dinner
  • Once all showers are done, teeth are brushed the sink and benches are wiped down

What are some of your daily routines…?


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