Simplifying or Decluttering

2011 is seeming to be the Year of De-clutter.

It is the BUZZ word every one is writing about, talking about and lets hope doing.

I have been a very grand collector of things over the years and do find it extremely hard to part with things or minimise on what it is that we have around us.
However with all the recent horrific flooding and disasters through out our wonderful state of Queensland – it has really made me feel so very lucky to be alive lead a lone own the things we do. It has also got me thinking about the things we own and what out of these “things” is the actual important “stuff” I could not live with out.

The funny thing is when you have the time to make a choice on this and to think about if it is relevant to you or what you would actually miss….. the list does not seem that big at all. It is when you dont have the choice you feel that things have been taken from you.

Over the last few months we have done some cleaning up of rooms and redecorating. When I first started I was overwhelmed by where to even begin. I went and brought some packing boxes and wondered how many boxes my life would fit into ??? I was shocked to think that I still had 3 boxes left when I had packed up 2 bedrooms. a study, laundry, toilet and bathroom that were completely out of control and growing…
What scares me more is that now the rooms have been peiced back together there is still a mountain of boxes with “things” in them that are meant to fit back in these rooms….

We hired 2 x 6 foot skips the week before Christmas and filled them in 2 days with more to go. I am almost terrified as to where I should start on these boxes left as I dont want to start to begin collecting again and so systems will need to fall into place. Here are some things I have learnt so far.

  • When on top of the washing and drying – fewer clothes are needed. Wearing the good clothes out is a far better idea than keeping then for good times and only wearing them a few times in their lives.
  • With fewer items it is far easier to keep things in their places
  • All paperwork has a place to live or an action to be done ie paid bills and if not then details into the diary for important events, numbers or parties and then it gets filed or tossed – no more paperwork piles
  • Anything that you have not touched, used or worn in the last 6 months needs to move out – if you need it again simply buy another one

I have found and been taking great pride in what has been achieved in these new look rooms. I will post pictures soon. It is also nice to know where things are and not be searching endlessly for the things requested.

Here is a very apt quote I found tonight that says it all for me.

Some people think it’s holding on that makes one strong—sometimes it’s letting go.” ~Unknown

Let me know some of your ideas for sorting and keeping clutter low.


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