Dont forget to look UP when cleaning

I slolwly trying to  get things sorted in my daily eye level,  but over the week end we had some time away. When we left the house I turned off fans and airconditioners only to be welcomed home to some serious dust and some thick cleaning to be done..

With living in the tropics, our fans are constantly on and are rarely turned off , but when they do stop it is normally from a power out in the middle of a large storm and you are normally shocked by the huge lines of dust that line the blades.

When looking up here are some other tasks often forgotten

  1. Dust and clean out cobwebs from the corners of the ceiling
  2. Wipe down the airconditioner fronts & filters inside
  3. Light fittings
  4. Tops of wardrobes
  5. Top of the fridge. I did try to attempt this the other day but thought there were too many half drunk bottle on there for me to clear off in one sitting 😉

Expand your new thoughts on cleaning and dont forget to look up


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