Tips on cleaning windows & fly screens

This is one job that I have never cared for too much but all of a sudden once the house is being turned upside down to have the dust removed from it I now cant care about this job enough..
Here are my points for your screens
  1. Use a strong cloth like a face cloth that has been rung out with water
  2. I use firm circular motions starting at the top and heading down your fly screen making sure that you cover all areas
  3. I do find that this works far better than a bannister brush or the vacuum cleaner

Here are my points for the tracks

  1. Make sure that before washing your windows that you vacuum all tracks to remove excess dirt from them
  2. Tracks can also be cleaned out using a cleaning brush to remove stubborn or caked in dirt
  3. I have been using wipes in my tracks – the reason behind this is that I dont need to spray in there as these have the cleaning stuff on them already and the moistness of the wipes helps get rid of the last pasts of dirt

Here are my tips for windows

  1. Wash down the window with a mild solution of washing up liquid and water
  2. Use a window squeegee to then start at the top of the window and remove all excess water
  3. Make sure you do this across the window rather than down the length
  4. When you get to each side have a cloth there to wipe down the squeegee to remove all excess water each time
  5. Put a spray on the window of some kind like Windex
  6. Wipe this of to a shine with a soft cloth to remove all streaks




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