When things are in order – why can they never be found?

Toys all over the place, A pile on the bench, Clothes living on the Floor- robe”, Bags unpacked from the car at the door, dishes unwashed – how is the a way of life or a way to run a house. To be honest this often slips into being the normal for us as we come and go and fit things into our busy lives.

I am often told by people how busy we are and how do we ever fit things in – but there is plently of areas in our daily runnings that dont get the full attention. We live from moment to moment, from event to event, running from one drama to the next dace concert, with Dear Husband away for work or fishing – life is some time quite out of control.

So it is with great plesure that I am slowly taming the wildness and windingin the reins. What I am finding is that the more order that is gained around our house at the moment the harder it is for every one to find things.. I was wondering why this is – as things should be getting some what easier with things being sorted and put into places – but instead of looking on the hook where the hats live they look everywhere else but there. I have ones like the dear husband who losses his shoes but fails to look at the front door where he was told to take them off. We will all get use to this I am sure but at the moment in some strange way through all the mayhem we did know where things were left. It will just be a matter of knowing and using the new homes for these things.

Once this becomes the normal habit in our house order should be gained.


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