Dont put off till tomorrow what can be done today

While still enjoying the time alone to clean and sort our house and toys with the kids in care, it has given me a big chance to think about the things I was getting done. In the normal day run of our lives we live in the moment and get things done that fit into the hours that we are home together as a family. So time is not wasted on doing the dishes or making our beds….with the “stuff” piling around us.

I have decided that this old saying is so true:
Dont put off till tomorrow what you can do today
This is soooo right – it doesnt take much to wipe down the sink after the kids have trashed it – but after a week there is plenty to scrub.
It takes no time to fold and put away 1 single load of washing but 3 or 4 starts to be a hassel and take all day.
Sounds like a silly thing to learn but if you do a little bit each day it makes the task a much easier job to handle and get on top of.


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