To Do or DONE what is longer?

I am not quite sure as to the way that this blog will head in and I have been thinking about it all day. So I will start by telling you about my acheivements and ticks that happened.

Today was a day that I dont remember has happened to me for such a LONG time. Kids when to care and the cleaning began. I had a HUGE To Do List !
Jumping from room to room getting uninterupted cleaning and sorting done was truely blissful. I had no fights to ref or food to sort, no sleeps to work my self around. Just me my clothes and the trigger action in hand.

My tasks today included the normal things like
– Endless washing and drying (surely I thought I had done it all but then there is those clothes in the car, so STILL more of that tomorrow.
– Dishwasher was happy humming along
– Floors where vacced and mopped

Then the fun things began
New Years Day we came home to the freezer door being left ever so slightly ajar and every thing down to the last bean was room temperature and completely thrawed – so today the garbo got the full load staining his lift and the freezer is now completely wiped out clean to start afresh.
To some this is quite horrific – for the likes of me it was great to have a real reason to throw away all the fish we call “bait” that take up way too much room in my freezer – so out they went.. while there the front was sorted, the new calendar went up and all the endless numbers and addresses plastered onto the fridge were put straight in to this years diary or into my phone.. much easier than losing a scrap but I never do these things straight away – why is that?

Then it was play time. With the kids in new rooms it was time to sort the toys and put them into their rooms instead of the mass random arrangements that we step over when ever trying to walk any where in our hosue. After a garbage bag in the bin, a load to day care, the 3 yr old was then more than happy to help sort what was left with out noticing the gap that had been created. Infact I would say that they couldnt eat their roast and veggies fast enough to be able to play with the new things I had found.
One HUGE tick today was finding every ball used in Hungry Hippos, I thought that was mission impossible but nahh – as my sister would say – It is never lost, it will return and every single one of them did.

So what started out as a huge To Do List ended with an even bigger Done List and that far beats going to work any day. I might do it again tomorrow.


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