Tips on sorting kids toys

Here are a few things I learnt today when sorting the kids toys

  1. MAKE SURE YOUR KIDS ARENT HOME I have done this so many times but the kids have been around and it really is so easy when they arent there, piles arent touched, toys arent played with, fights dont happen about the tossing out.
  2. Sort things into piles of like items so you have a starting point ie girls and boys toys
  3. Collect all parts to the toy – if things are broken or lost, no use keeping them put it into a box to either give away or straight to the bin.
  4. For things like games with balls put these into snap lock bags or contains with the number of parts written on it so you know how many you are looking for at the end of the game when packing it up.
  5. Toss out all half pencils and textas, it is not an expensive task buying a new large pencil case with new pencils etc and a drawing book that all fits together – helps keep these neat and tidy. This can be used as a reward for what they help remove.
  6. When you think you have your piles sorted then let the kids decide which out of the “keep pile” they want to keep, this allows them to also then toss out more than you had thought you would.

What are your tips on sorting the toys?


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